Who we help


So far, our emphasis has been on the education of children but, as we develop, we hope to be able to support families in need of health care, food and in other emergencies.

In Tibet today – under Chinese occupation, the vast majority of schools teach only in the Chinese language and are too expensive for most Tibetan families. The Tibetan language and traditions are slowly being eradicated through the generations. In Dharamsala, schools have been established which teach in the Tibetan language and according to Tibetan traditions to ensure the language and culture remain alive. 

There are many UK based Tibet charities which do extremely important work and need support, but we chose to send funds directly to Tibetan communities in India to ensure that every penny we raise reaches the hands of the people who most need it. 


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Click the link to make a one off donation or set up a regular payment. We appreciate any amount you can afford - even small amounts can be life changing to the people we support.








We received this letter from Tenzin, father of two children who received £200 from Zari to send both children to a Tibetan school for two years:

‘Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness. I would like to tell you a bit about our lives as Tibetan refugees in India. We escaped from Tibet in the hope of finding freedom and starting a new life. Although we are grateful to live in a free country, it is often still a struggle. We do not have a stable place to live as we do not know if we will have enough money to pay the rent each month. My family lives in one single room and we share a bathroom with the other tenants in the building. My wife and I work very hard 7 days a week. It is often difficult for Tibetan refugees to find work because of the different language and they do not have the skills. After we pay for rent and food, there is little money left to pay for health care and school fees. There are many other Tibetan refugees in the same situation. Although we try to save for our children’s school fees, there would be no way to keep them in school if we didn’t have your help. Thank you very much!’


Other things you can do to help:


•    Talk about Tibet to raise awareness of this under-reported issue
•    Keep up to date with the latest news on what’s happening inside Tibet and share   videos and articles online
•    Join Tibet support groups on Facebook
•    Write to your local MP, the Prime Minister or the Foreign Secretary to urge them to stand up for Tibet
•    Sign petitions
•    Join the boycott of goods made in China (to put pressure on the Chinese government).
•    Organise events in your area (please contact us if you have an idea that you’d like help with)
•    Take part in organised protests e.g. the annual Freedom Marches and Rallies