Who we are and what we do


Until recently, Zari was known as Save Tibet Wales. Since moving from Wales to Bristol and attending an event in Milton Keynes, we decided to change the name to one which was not specific to a particular place and could be used anywhere in the UK.

With our direct links to Dharamsala, India (home to one of the largest communities of Tibetans in exile)), we aim to raise funds to support Tibetan families living in Dharamsala. 

During the time that Nyima lived in Dharamsala, he realised that many Tibetan refugees have no access to basic necessities which they desperately need such as food, health care and education.

We regularly hold events to teach Tibetan culture and bring attention to the ongoing problems in Tibet.
If you are an organisation or have a venue which you would like us to visit, please contact us.




Zari is an area in Tibet's Amdo region - it's an area which is incredibly rich in resources but sadly under threat.

The original Save Tibet Wales logo designed by Melanie Ainsbury Panesh

What we offer


Film screenings We have a selection of documentaries about Tibet. You will need to provide the equipment to show the film such as a television or projector

Meditation Kunchok Nyima is experienced in leading meditations and chanting

Singing bowl healing

Talks including questions and answers about Tibet and Nyima’s experience as a refugee

Tibetan food We can provide homemade Momo, a traditional, vegetarian, Tibetan dish.

Tibetan stall with a large selection of traditional handmade Tibetan goods which help to support the Tibetan community.



Nyima speaking at the Milton Keynes Flag Raising Ceremony


Zari Shop


The Zari shop supports Tibetans by:

•    Trading with companies which employ Tibetan refugees
•    Supporting local recycling projects in Dharamsala
•    Providing opportunities to Tibetan refugees who source and            deliver our stock
•    Introducing Tibetan customs to the UK
•    Promoting Tibetan artists and musicians

You can purchase our items at any of our events. Alternatively, if you are interested in any of our products, please email info@zaritibet.org